Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fwd: Stop Defending Convicted Terrorists

More comments from me about how to avoid a lot of (uneccessary) death and destruction.... but targeting the Federal Government this time...

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Date: Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 9:51 PM
Subject: Re: Stop Defending Convicted Terrorists
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Hi Devinder,

I think that taking away a persons Canadian Citizenship because of a crime such as terrorism, sets a very dangerous president... What other crimes might we want to use this for next, and what about the boys who were born in Canada and went to fight with terrorists in Algeria ?  What citizenship would they have if not Canadian ?  What country would be willing to take our "garbage" unless they themselves supported terrorism ?

Kicking terrorists out of the country is only going to make things worse, by freeing terrorists to continue conducting terrorism, especially against Canadians.  A better option is to lock them up and try to figure out why they are actually engaging in the cowardly despicable act of terrorism in the first place, otherwise we will never be rid of it !

"Rewarding" terrorists (who prefer to die for their cause rather than answer for it) by sending them to another "home" is not the answer !  These screwballs need to be put on trial not made martyrs of....  

Victim impacts would also be handy to show terrorists who they are actually harming...  This is one of the problems with Guantanamo and the victims are not receiving justice because of it...  Torturing and killing the terrorists is just another form of terrorism... and it is not working, it is just breeding more terrorists  (like the boys in Ontario) and bringing us all down to their depraved  level...

"Penalties" don't work, or only go so far... only justice (through logic) - works... which in turn leads to -  rehabilitation (recycling)...


From: "Devinder Shory, Conservative Party of Canada" <>
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Subject: Stop Defending Convicted Terrorists

Conservative Party of Canada


Convicted terrorists should lose their Canadian citizenship – that's why I've put forward a private member's bill to make that the law.
We've secured the support of more than 80 percent of Canadians and groups like the Air India 182 Victims' Families Association and the Muslim Canadian Congress.
The Conservative government has supported my bill – and we're very close to passing it.
Sadly, Thomas Mulcair's NDP have filibustered my bill for three days at committee – a new low, even for them.
Instead of sending a clear message that Canadian citizenship cannot be used as a flag of convenience by violent terrorists, the NDP are standing up for the interests of convicted terrorists.
Help me send the NDP a message: sign our petition asking the NDP to pass this bill and stop defending convicted terrorists.
Devinder Shory
MP, Calgary Northeast
P.S. The media won't cover this story, so we need to spread the word – can you share this e-mail with ten friends?

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